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Ah, this blogging life. Here we are at was once the crossroads (now archived by the wayback machine, bless the dog, his boy, or whomever runs that), but now represents links to the survivors of the great free web space wars that were fought long ago by multinational corporations and internet start ups and caused the deletion of many fine web sites, blogs, and other odd collections of pages before they could be saved (leaving much of the written gardens devastated, alas)... perhaps one day their ghosts shall return, but until then, below find links to the literary record and creativity still accessible and in sometimes strangely sporadic ways, still growing in the written gardens. To the left of some links, you can find a simple description of what is supposed to be found after clicking on the link... to the right of some links, you may find a bit more, perhaps a hint or two. If you don't have the time, alas, you will be missed. Getting your bearings yet? Well, for those of you exploring further (thank you), bring refreshments, get comfy, enjoy the ride, and feel free to let me know you exist :)

(updated January 2020)

the dailies
if you understand blog time is relative, then travel back in time with the dailies

relatively current dailies
so many bits and pieces of the life I loosely call mine
newest current brevity and daily life: In Case It Matters To You
expansion on current brevity and daily life: Dirt, Drama, and Details

past dailies (they never really end)
they seldom see an update, but oh, when they do, the secrets they may hold lol lam
brevity and daily chatter 2008-2016... e-the-real
2006+ mostly past babble (reeling in the years): we have only just begun… in RealTime™
2004+ mostly paster babble (stowing away the time): behind the candoor

specialty dailies
not every day, but still relatively current
recordings and trackings of specific aspects of daily life

sometimes we hear the body talk
a sometimes careless friend of food

and the occasionals...
so many blogs, so little time, so many reasons, some even rhyme
everything you ever wanted to know and so much more,
myriads of mazes without walls or ceiling or floor
and maybe not even a door

roots and prophecy
timeless moments of madness or genius, or something like that
old growth forests, something something, and seeds of nonsense or profoundity
random currents and current randoms: bullsugar
ancient alien wisdom: the funda
maybe departing existentialism: exit 42z
maybe a good idea once: stumblr
maybe something: Paragraphs (of a sort)
maybe nothing: And Now for Something Completely Different
maybe maybe: caution to the winds
maybe not maybe: hypergraphiatic

sprouts and embryos
stirrings from the depths or possible future dailies scratching through the surface now and then
(or something like that)
maybe future daily brevity: record of a life (awaiting start)
maybe darkness my old friend: the bored and the caring
maybe mostly dead the third: who cares
maybe renewed existentialism: out of the blue

what may make me tic... and toc?
(arts, crafts, lists, letters, supplemental daily-ish blogs, and explanatory notes in progress)
current blog list (you're looking at it): rhetroric
songs in my head: the soundtrack of a life
videos in my head: the video me
profiles and intros: getting to know me
arts and farts and letters: letters to friends
letters to strangers: pen pals and other correspondence
early boot-up: the bios
past music playlists: cd stacks
maybe closer: be with me
all I ever needed: For The One
recording blog-world changes: this blogging life
missing musical memories and more: the lost tapes
what not seriously?... facebook notes (a touch of real life)
and now you can trip back to the old web gardens via the wayback machine
(a whole new old web world full of rhymes and reasons dating back to early childhood)
tic toc by the titles (table of contents): candoric
(you never know where the title may lead, but sometimes it's fun to find out)

the almost alternate realities
(histories, mysteries, and other personal/public blogs... once dailies, now gone or long past)
blogspace at myspace
candor at live journal (2001-2004)
blog 16: peeling the onion
the old world
fool in the chill (1998-2001)
mostly dead at live journal
letters to the night

the other occasionals
(secondary, specialty, and side-winding blogs)
background noise
background tv
practical philosophy
momentary moods
the afterblog
the antiblog
the party of living
the art of coy inquiry
babbling brevity
friend a lover

outer limits, inner limits?
madness and emo, passion and pain, real and imaginary, sane or insane, need we explain?

that is the short title
as someone else challenging limits once said... are you experienced?
stretching the mind into the creative madness (and emo) blogs
some kinda sorta undefined, randomly offensive, and shock therapy blogs
(with some real life {shhhhh} pieces of the heart slipped in for the fun of reveal)
and ultimately stretching the limits of imagination, civility, patience, and tolerance
even a past daily and more babble and rhymes and who me?
(one never knows, do one?)
tread softly for the full tour

another time
planet candora
once in love…
relayshuns and other strangers
the day the music died
mostly dead
songs you never heard
altered realities
time to change the subject
for no app parent reason
it's only wordzzz

me by others, with others, or sorta shared
(some private or semi-private)
a foolish wisdom
salvaged gardens
betwixt and between
daily touch
our public communication
a life
the blog family

blog letters and arts, maybe
(letters to friends, strangers, and others real or imaginary)
dear amy
letters to e (and me)

more for public consumption
blogs about others, public domain collections, or sorta public service stuff
random pop news
words from other minds
meaningless complaints
consumer communer
the social orlando
reflections on the undeleted
for no apparent reason (b-sides)
politics, religions, and other madness
nobody likes just the tip
ah, the net
god's not here

sites i saw

waiting to begin

The Facebook Pages
(the memes of our times)
(now with even more explanatory notes)

Trying to Be Positive
Wide Awake At 4AM
Lonely As You Are
Brain Food
Amusements and Distractions
Music to Remember
Material World - Stuff

facebook news pages (jane, stop this crazy thing!)
Light Reading
Been There, Saw That
OK with you?
Independent Views
Change America
Stop the Hate
True or False?
Decision 2016

facebook help pages (help me if you can I'm feeling...)
Stuff I Want to Remember
Survival Tips for the WWIII Generation
Unofficial: Help
Thank Dog, Ma

facebook, the next generation

never give up, never surrender... (these were created to continue the saga, now they are a parallel universe)
Hope For Us All
Whatever Happened to Bugs Webbot?
Friends of Bugs Webbot
Bugs Is Real
Ric Candor Is Imaginary
Idea Warehouse
Touched By Music

meanwhile, out in the real world...
Things To Do
More Stuff
Random Trivia
Artsy Smartsy
I Heard That

hello darkness my old friend...
Reading Material
Privacy Issues<>
Humans - SMH<>
Decision 2016

Humors, Tumors, and Bloomers (Political Humor and Other Nonsense)
(the fat lady is still singing)

all writings and contents of linked site copyright (C) candor communications  1995, 2012, 2017

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