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Once upon a time there was a web land called Facebook where everyone found their self-importance raised to levels even polite people measure as obnoxious. In keeping with the grandiose buffoonery (and poor spelling blamed on random typos and some made up words), I created a whole world of Facebook Pages that are my file cabinets on FB for storage (and dumpage) of my observations and experience online. May we all find our way out of the madhouse someday or better yet, into our own...

in other words..

Updating the Facebook Pages are we? Well, celebrating is more like it. After a year long banishment to the Facebook void, through no fault of my own, Bugs Webbot is back. Yes, Bugs Webbot is my name on Facebook, wear it out all you want. Hopefully the account will not be booted or sent to another dimension or purgatory again (long story for another time... Let's keep the positivity flowing, shall we?) While Bugs was away, a new profile (that I do not visit anymore) and many new pages began because I am stubborn like that. This blog entry now presents all of the Facebook pages to date. All 42 of them. I think.

Yes, 42.

No mice were harmed in the creation process.

As I mentioned once upon a time, or a few times, at least, I blog. You can find my ramblings if you want to, but this note is like singing a few bars of the song that never ends that I call my written gardens. I apologize now for insulting, offending, or exposing you. I will not read your mind, so you'll just have to tell me if think you find references you in my online babblings that you wish did not exist. We can negotiate editing if you wish. The names are all changed to protect the innocent and privacy. I intend no harm. I'm just trying to survive and maintain some semblance of functional sanity in this madly insane world in order to continue wanting to survive in this insanely mad world and writing this sort of mostly free associative nonsense is my way. It's a whole lot cheaper than therapy and healthier than drugs and most important of all, it works for me.

Perhaps I digress. Perhaps I subtly seek my dreams. Perhaps I perhaps too much for my own good.

Maybe should be playing now (Moody Blues, look it up). So you wanna know what I've been reading and watching on Facebook over the years? Why else would you come here? You tell me. As for Facebook, first you should know I use Facebook in spurts. I first signed on during a time when even Facebook urged people ot to use their real names or put actual identity information online. My current profile was created in 2006 or 2007 or somewhere around then. For a while I was exploring often and collecting, storing, and otherwise uploading stuff to my Facebook Pages. There were periods of madness when I was caught up in all sorts of comment conversations from mutual admiration to debate. For long periods I disappear (intentionally) because life is more fun than Facebook and sometimes Facebook, much ike the rest of the human world, really turns me off (no, I won't rant about it now).

The new Facebook pages, right. ADD is an interesting experience everyone should try at least once. So in this entry I am going to list all of the FB Pages I created or hand a hand in and explain their intended purpose, tie them to the old pages where they started, and share a bit about them (and probably me along the way). So sit back with a cool (or hot) drink and some popcorn or favorite snack (chocolate for me) as we now present the new and improved latest edition of the introduction to the Facebook Pages. Ta-da and all that jazz. :)

(work in progress . . . hopefully done before I die . . . or at least next week )

Idea Warehouse replaced Brain Food when FB blocked it (they are both open now) as a repository for ideas and things that stimulate brain cells for any reason that does not better fit into one of the other pages.

Amusements replaced Amusements and Distractions when FB blocked it (both open now) as the page for anything that amuses or distracts in some positive way (I think that's the distinction between the ideas page and this one, stuff here should amuse first even if it is pure meaningless distraction for a vacuous brain at times).

Humors, Tumors, and Bloomers was an offshoot of Decisions as a place for political and social satire, humor, and ridiculousness. That way the actual political page could stay more serious (or as serious as politics and people can be, meaning, can we really take politics or people seriously?... rhetorical question, of course, because, of course, irreverence and babble {and rhetoric} thrive in a place for laughs... which is where I usually prefer to be, in case you have not noticed).

>Humans, SMH kinda sorta replaced Your Fear Makes You Hate when FB blocked it (both open now) and may also combine parts of a few other pages as it is the place I put stories/videos I read/see that make me shake my head (SMH) at humanity as I wonder something like OMG, that is real, can anyone really believe or do that? It is a very depressing page if you are open to depression, so consider this a disclaimer if you do not have your spirits in a very good place.

Decisions replaced Decision 2016 when FB blocked it (both open now) as my place for stuff about politics, especially stuff about the 2016 Presidential election. I changed the name to Decisions after the elections and continue filing politics and government stuff there. I am so not wanting to pay any attention to politics and succeeded in fulfilling that desire for most of this life, but Facebook drew me into political and sociological discussions (too much) more and more so rather than put politics on my primary FB page, I created this one. You can see the evolution of my thinking by following the posts from the old to the new as I made my decision about who the next President should be along with all sorts of information about the current government.

For a while, Decisions also got osts that would have previously been posted in OK With You?, True or False?, Independent Views, and Change America when FB blocked those pages, but since they are open now, I try to sort through the muck and put the bad news where it belongs. The latter two are pages I had for quite a while and I missed them a lot. Specifically, Change America collected posts that reminded me I actually did care about the future of humanity, the world, and most specifically this country. Facebook helped me get over that by shutting it down. Independent Views focused on my desire to remain objective about the world of politics, government, and social issues. OK With You? asked that question about specific issues and posts, is this ok with you? True or False? asked that question about questionable news articles like accusations candidates make against each other. You can read more about the political connection to the blocking of my previous Facebook account here.

Reading Material replaced Light Reading and mostly Been There, Saw That when FB blocked it (all three open now) as the place for any articles or videos that don't fit in to any other the other pages whether I read/watched them or just am curious and want to remember to read/watch them when I have time. The two original pages separated articles from videos, but I seem to have abandoned that separation for now. I also seem to forget to post things I read or watch there a lot.

Things To Do kinda sorta may have replaced An Extra Head and Material World Stuff when FB blocked it (all three open now) so Things To Do has a mind of it's own. If I ever get back into posting dozens of links a day as I was doing before FB blocked my Bugs Webbot account, I may need an extra head again. Things to Do focuses on actual things to do in this life, locally or on a bucket list. Maybe also things to check out, buy, or explore further. An extra head is a place where I put stuff that I would really like to explore further if I had more time, or an extra head. I think. Material World Stuff is the same, for now.

More Stuff kinda sorta may have replaced Material World Stuff when FB blocked it (both open now), as a place for stuff I'd like to have (if cost was no object). Kind of a wish list for stuff. Some stuff just for the fun of it, some stuff I really think is cool.

Hope For Us All sort of replaced Trying To Be Positive and to a lesser extent Wide Awake at 4am when FB blocked them (all three open now) as a place for positivity. There may be more pages in this vein or the latest may combine all the positive pages I had in the past or want to have in the future. Trying to Be Positive actually had others contributing as Editors. Wide Awake at 4am was my personal page from long ago where I put things that inspired me and sometimes things that represented who I am and who I want to be (when I am not being me). A lot of loss is felt when I think about these pages right now, so I am sometimes not very positive when I go on FB even as the pages and my profile are back as the scars of the loss of time and energy and me poured into the site still hurts. Still, I continue trying to be positive.

Touched By Music replaced Music To Remember that I will re-purpose and continue as time goes by (I must remember this). Music gives words a spirit beyond reading and songs are as close to a religious experience as I have known in this life (though falling in love may surpass it from time to time, songs are always there and falling in love is sometimes just out of reach and usually dependent on others). More to follow, everywhere.

Random Trivia probably replaced something, but I don't feel like exploring the referencing sections of the library in my head at the moment so let's just leave it as it is for now. It's supposed to be fun... and random, after all.

Hungry may be an attempt at a Foodie page (because I am a serious Foodie) or it may just be temptations and torture (which is sometimes how my relationship with food can be described I suppose lol lam laf).

Money Ideas is new, relatively speaking. There I shall provide occasional tips on stocks and other get-rich-quick schemes. Spend your money at your own risk, naturally (no, I will not do Dr. Evil for you... at least not tonight). You may have missed my tip to buy Microsoft in 1985. I know, it was a busy year. This page just may be your second chance.

Human Link for Pulse is a new group (not a page) created by someone else who added me as an Administrator (the FB title, not the haughty Corporate BS, but I suppose that is better than "Owner", which is a flat out lie). It was created to bring our community together to support each other and the families of people killed or wounded at the Pulse night club in 2016. I spent several months there in conversations of support and counseling, doing whatever could to life spirits and organize offline gatherings to support, protect, and heal at funerals and memorials and political rallies and celebrations of life.

Feeling Our Pulses is the page I created to put positive information for the community. It was intended to save the best and most useful/helpful posts from the group. I have not been updating nearly as much as I intended primarily because I am not on FB much but just as much because I was turned off by the way the fake FB culture usurped and negated so much of the caring that was going on offline. People can write things online they would never say and this was as much as anything a turn off pushing me away from FB.

Pulse Posts Collected was intended to be the place I put posts I wanted to review before posting them in the group or on my page. I did not use this nearly as much as I intended. There was just not enough time and my growing disillusionment with FB and online interactions may have put this one and my social activism online activities on a hiatus that may not end. As I said in a previous entry, I spent 12-18 hours a day outside in the community at funerals and other gatherings and fought sleep to catch up with, update the group, and respond to the group after I got home. I skipped sleep some nights and got little sleep other nights, but I felt useful and that was my way to heal, giving to others. If you've read me over the years, you may have noticed. :)

To be continued... There were five more pages blocked by FB that I will get in here at another time, they are much a part of me. One for my love of the night and one for my love of music most especially. Two of the others were for helping others. One of the others was my release for the madness of world religions that I really wish would go away, but until it does I use humor and reason to accept it exists and in that way, I tolerate the different points of view and ways of life as much as possible.

Finally (for now), introducing myself on Facebook (as much as FB allows and in spite of the direct way FB prevents this), Bugs Webbot (the page) and Remembering Bugs Webbot (the group) were intended to replace my original profile that was blocked. my original account, the "me" on Facebook for almost ten years. For more than a year (a very poorly timed year for any sort of betrayal of trust like the one FB did, I had no access to the thousands of photos, videos, and posts I and others shared over the years, no less the friends lost due to the sudden loss of the account access, so it was very sad to go to either the page or the group for me, but both are there hoping I find the will (and trust for Facebook that is lost) to start recreating myself on the FB site. That year plus was a perfectly terrible time for me to lose any memories or support, but FB took it all away. The replacement profile worked to put me back on the site, but lost friends and my heart were missing. A few loyal lunatics and friends still seem to appreciate the freedom of creativity of using a nickname, so Bugs lives, even if it is just now and then. I hung on to the hope that I could explain it to FB in some way that touches a human heart at the Company and get ten years of photos and writings back in my possession, but I finally caved in and submitted to their demand for more of my personal identity information than I ever gave to any website without a telephone confirmation from the site ownership. If my identify is stolen, I shall hound FB with questions and reminders (and perhaps lawyers) for as long as the company exists.

See how FB put a damper on the fun of the internet and hope for sharing and more?

Anyway, Privacy Issues was created with the intent to explain to anyone who cares, including Facebook people, how the automated blocking system contradicts it's intended goal and worse, interferes with the growth and purpose of the social network concept. It is counter-intuitive and counter-productive and all my attempts to not vent and condemn FB in this entry seems to have failed. They deserve it, but this was supposed to be a fun entry, dangit!... there, that inspired a chuckle here. Maybe you, enjoyer of manic babble and random associations (if you are not, what are you still doing here?) understand that some venting might happen there too and it is healthy (and the truth), but in all seriousness, the FB robots even do real damage to organizational efforts by much needed groups and communities in the real world. Computers are not even close to ready to monitor and judge human behavior online (or offline, for that matter). FB proves that daily. Pity FB has become just another greedy inhuman corporation as they continue to ignore their own data about the harm they do.

But hey, let's not let this truth bring us down, it's only FB profiles burning, we'll find other pages turning, and we will come around. Just remember the real world is offline and no corporation can take away the fun we have there. The physical world is where real memories are made. We can store stuff online, but we live offline.

So that is a tour of my world (and opinions) on Facebook, almost complete (hey, there are always things in the works and just as always secrets tempting you to read on, right? lol?).

You want more? (careful what you ask for) :)

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